The following are questions asked by potential and current members:

Q: How can you help me trade?

Ksignals: We offer you our powerful trading system ” Master Trend” as a great tool allowing you to enter the market at the early stage of trend formation, and reducing your chances of entering trades against the market trends.

 Q: How does MastertTrend work? How often do I get a signal and how accurate it is?

Ksignals: Master Trend system is installed on your computer and gives alert every time there is a trade opportunity. Depending on the chart time frame, it can generate  as many as 4 signals/day/pair on 5 min charts, and less number of signals per day or week on large time frames for each pair
For example, on 30 min chart , in average the system will generate 1 signal per day.
The signals are generated from the software when you install it on your computer. You will select what time frame chart to run the system. Normally 5 min and 15 min are used for intraday trading and 30m-1 hr are used for midterm trades.

Q: Is it easy to install MasterTrend, and how?

Ksignals: MasterTrend installation is easy, Click HERE for installation instructions.

Q: Does Master Trend automatically place the trades?

Ksignals: Master Trend system does not automatically place the order. It only gives you sound, visual, email or SMS alerts, then you will have to place the order manually. The alerts include:  The pair, Price, Chart time frame where signal is generated, and the recommended SL. We recently developed an EA ( Metatrader4 automatic trader Expert Advisor ) and is available for active members for a discounted price, you must have an active MasterTrend account for this EA to work. Please contact our support team for more information.

Q: What is the accuracy of MasterTrend ?

Ksignals: The signal accuracy depends on the pair and market condition. Generally for EURUSD it is about 80% accuracy on 15m chart.

Q: What is the recommended TP?

Ksignals: please note that exit points are the most difficult and can not be predicted only by analytic software, it must include fundamental analysis and knowledge of the current market the condition and behavior. Master Trend system provides SL dots used to trail the stops behind the price, however, it is recommended to keep the minimum TP to 15 pips on 5 min, 25 pips on 15 min, 40 pips on 30 min etc.

There are a few different exit scenarios mentioned in the software manual. We recommend one of the following:

– Use a fixed TP value ( use 15 pip for 5 min chart, 25 pip for 15 min chart, 40 pip for 30 min chart…etc.)

– Move your SL to Break-even once the price moves a set value ( use the same pip value as above )

– Trail your SL 5-10 pips behind the stop dots.

– Exit at signal reversal.

– Use the trend pivot line (Orange) and trend levels (Gray) as exit levels.

Q: How many pips i will I make?

Ksignals: The number of pips totally depend on you and how much time you have dedicated to trading. We have members that make 50 pips/day and other 200 pips/day.

Q: I see that 90% of the signals always get profitable…. but when it comes to stops .. sometimes the dots appear almost 100 pips away from the entry .. Whereas in the user manual it says to use < 40 pips SL .. what would u recommend?

Ksignals: It is not recommended to enter a trade when the stop dots are more than 40 pips away. It is recommended for conservative trading (40 pips SL is recommended for USD pairs, JPY pairs require larger stops).

In the case when the stop dots are far from the entry price, you can do one of the following:
1- Ignore any signal that has more than 40 pip SL dots.
2- Wait till the market price retracts near the dots (within 40 pips) then enter for a “second chance entry” as mentioned in the user guide.
Our system provides the dots to show the local support and resistance and they work really well for second chance entries. Actually you can make much more pips taking second chance entries than taking the signals with high SL
We recommend not taking trades with large stops. In most cases the market retracts to the dots when the signal is too far from the stop dots.

 Q:  Till how many bars away from the original signal can we take the second entry… i mean till how many bars the signal still holds good?

Ksignals: really there is no magic formula for how long the signal will last. Sometimes you will have 5 or 6 second chance entries on one signal arrow and sometimes 1. It all depends on the volatility of the market.

 Q: I like to use 1 hr charts to trade, how do I lower my trades risk using second chance entries?

Ksignals: One thing you can do is to look at the signal on more than one time frame. For example; you look at the 1 hr chart and 15 min charts at the same time, and then take the 15 min signals that are in the same direction to the 1 hr chart signal. This way you will have less risk on the second chance entry trade. So in this case you will wait till the price goes close to the blue dots ( for a buy signal ) on the 1 hr chart and wait for the 15 min chart to give you the signal to buy.
In another word, if you like to trade on 1 hr chart, you can reduce your risk by taking the entry using the 15 or 30 min chart.

 Q: do you recommend a broker?

Ksignals: You can use any MT4 broker with the most leverage size and lowest spread. We recommend a broke that allow US customers without the FIFO rules, 200+ leverage, and Hedging.