Best Trades of the Week 10 27 17

Best trades of week  Oct 23-27, 2017

Another nice week for Mastertrend traders:

EURUSD was moving nicely with Sell signal that started on Friday on 30M chart and signals continued till Tue with total 63 pip move, then another Buy signal on Tue that produced 24 pips then a Sell signals produced a small loss trade on Wed but was recovered by a Buy signal on the same day with 24 pips. Thursday was a great trade day for us with a Huge Sell signal that continued to Friday with whopping 225 pips move.

EURUSD 10 27 17

GBPUSD started the week with a Sell signals that didn’t produce pips, we were able to exit with break even as our Sl was put 10 pips above the dots, then another buy signal that produced a loss, which was recovered with a Sell signal on Tuesday with 50 pip move. Buy signal came on Wed with strong move producing 90 pips in just a few hours. then a nice Sell signal on Thursday producing 135 pips ending the week with a nice trades.

GBPUSD 10 27 17 30m